Used Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine

Die casting is actually a versatile method for creating engineered steel parts by forcing molten metal under high pressure into reusable metal molds. These molds, termed dies, are often made to generate complicated shapes which have a substantial degree of accuracy and repeatability. Components may be sharply defined, with smooth or textured surfaces, and are appropriate for any extensive variety of attractive and serviceable finishes. Die castings are capable of the highest volume, mass-made objects manufactured within the metalworking industry, plus they might be found as thousands of customer, commercial and industrial items.

Die cast elements are vital parts of solutions ranging from automobiles to playthings. Components may be as basic as a sink faucet or as complicated as a connector housing. The die casting method has evolved from the original low-pressure injection approach to methods including high-pressure casting. These modern processes are capable of generating substantial integrity, near net-shape castings with excellent surface finishes.  Irrespective of their dimensions, the one essential distinction in die casting devices is the approach used to inject molten metal into a die.

die casting machinery hot chamber cold chamber high pressureThe 2 approaches are hot chamber or cold chamber. A finish die casting cycle can fluctuate from less than a one second for small parts weighing significantly less than an ounce, to two-to-3 mins for casting of a variety of pounds - die casting is the fastest strategy present for generating precise non-ferrous metal pieces. Hot Chamber Die Casting machines are employed primarily for zinc, copper, magnesium, and lead along with other lower melting-point alloys that don't easily attack and erode metal pots, cylinders and plungers. The injection mechanism of a hot chamber device is immersed in the molten metal bath of a metal holding furnace. The furnace is fastened for the equipment by a metal feed method known as a gooseneck. As the injection cylinder plunger rises, a port from the injection cylinder opens, permitting molten metal to fill the cylinder. As the plunger moves downward it shuts the port and forces molten metal into the gooseneck and nozzle finally to the die cavity. After the metal has cooled to hardness in the die cavity, the plunger is withdrawn, the die opens and then the casting is expelled. (Source:

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