Used National Hot Chamber Die Casting Machines

die cast machinery for sale used sell buyNational Die Cast Machines may be found as used, second hand National cold chamber aluminum and zinc zamak die casting machines Models H-50ZX-V and H-150ALX.

Die Cast Machinery, LLC provides marketing services for the turnkey sale of both operating and idled die casting factories. We also conduct live on-site and internet auctions of complete die cast and foundry operations worldwide. We also perform orderly liquidations and forced liquidations of entire die cast factories. With our extensive list of strategic partners and representatives worldwide no location is too far away for us to handle. We know die casting equipment values and understand the market place as no other dealer in the world. Why settle for less than the most experienced organization to assist you?

ID # Brand Status Description
1331 National Sold National - H-50ZX-V 65 Ton , Allen Bradley Controls
1332 National Sold National - Model H-50ZX-V 65 Ton Horizontal Hot Chamber Zinc (Zamak) High Pressure Die Casting Machine, Allen Bradley Controls
1457 National Sold National - 64 , Controls
2119 National Sold National - H-150ALX v 184 Ton Horizontal Cold Chamber Aluminum High Pressure Die Casting Machine, Allen Bradley Controls
2943 National Sold National - H-55-ZX 65 Ton Horizontal Hot Chamber Zinc (Zamak) High Pressure Die Casting Machine, Allen Bradley SLC 5/03 SLC Controls
2789 National Sold National - H-55-ZX 65 Ton Horizontal Hot Chamber Zinc (Zamak) High Pressure Die Casting Machine, Allen-Bradley SLC 5/03 SLC Controls
2944 National Sold National - H-55-ZX 65 Ton Horizontal Hot Chamber Zinc (Zamak) High Pressure Die Casting Machine, Allen Bradley SLC 5/03 SLC Controls
3031 National Sold National - H150AXV 185 Ton Horizontal Cold Chamber Aluminum High Pressure Die Casting Machine, GE Fanuc 90/30 PLC Controls
3482 National X-Ray Corp. Sold National X-Ray Corp. - Real Time Industrial X-ray, Controls

Die Cast Machinery, LLC is a machinery dealer focusing on used National /Avnet die casting machines. National /Avnet casting machine models include: H-50ZX, H-50ZX v, H55ZX v, H-100ZX v, H-125ZX, H-150ZX, H-150ZX v, H-60ZM, H-150MgX v, H-50 ALX v.

High pressure die casting machines typically range from 20 to 4,000 tons of clamping force. The most common size of hot chamber die casting machines include: 20, 40, 80, 100, 125, 160, 200, 250 and 400 tons, though hot chamber machines can range up to 1200 tons. Common sizes of cold chamber machines include: 250, 350, 400, 500, 550, 700, 750, 900, 1100, 1200, 1250, 1600, 1650, 1750, 2000, 2250, 2,500, 3,000, 3500 and 4000 tons.

We have sold and delivered countless machines up to 4,000 tons to customers all across the globe. Recently in Europe we sold and delivered several machines larger than 2,000 tons to customers in Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Spain. In Japan, we recently purchased six Toshiba die casting machines including three 2,500 ton machines which we sold to customers in the United States and Canada. One of the larger projects we have undertaken was the sale of four Ube 3,500 ton machines located in the United States and sold to a customer starting a new die cast facility in Korea. Purchasing high quality used machines saved the customer over 18 months of startup time when compared to buying new machines. This gave our customer a strategic competitive advantage. Purchasing quality used die cast machines offers the advantage of quick delivery times and affordability. We are also happy to take trade-ins in addition to buying your surplus machinery in cash.

If you are missing an owner’s manual, hydraulic schematics, electrical schematics, mechanical drawings, PLC ladder logic program or other machine data for your National /Avnet diecast machine please give us a call as we may be able to help you with replacement materials. If you are broke down and need a pump, valve, tie bar, tie bar nut, linkage, pins & bushings or other major component we may be able to loan you the spare parts that you need from an existing National /Avnet National /Avnet that we have in inventory to solve your production problem Call us for availability and price now so that we can help get you back up and in production. Also, visit our EBay store for our current selection of in-stock spare parts.

When it is time to repair, upgrade, rebuild, retrofit, re-manufacturer, re-control, replace or add die casting capacity to your facility, why not consider a good used National /Avnet die casting machine? When considering the cost to upgrade the electronics, PLC controller and hydraulics on an existing machine, it is often much less expensive to buy a good quality used National /Avnet machine from us. Our prices are often better than buying at auction. However, if you desire a fully rebuilt die casting machine with state of the art controls, we can supply you with a low cost machine core which you can have rebuilt to your exact specifications. This allows you to continue production with your current machine while the core we supplied is being rebuilt. We are also happy to take your used machine in on trade, further reducing your costs.

In addition to traditional die casting machines, we also buy and sell specialty die castings machines including Squeeze Cast machines, Metal Matrix Composite machines, Semi-Solid die casting machines, Liquid Metal diecasting machines, Rotor Cast machines and Rheocasting machines. Machines types include: horizontal clamp high pressure die casting machines; vertical clamp high pressure die casting machines and horizontal clamp with vertical docking shot machines - all of which may or may not include vacuum systems for vacuum assisted die casting.

Common options, features and retrofits available on die casting machines include automatic tie bar pullers also known as tie bar drawing, hydraulic motorized die height adjustment, hydraulic center platen ejection, hydraulic bumper plate ejection, clamping tonnage monitoring via electronic tie bar strain gauges and tie bar tonnage controls. Machine designs include traditional three platen toggle clamp machines and the latest in the two platen design, also known as toggle-less, toggle free, TF clamping or non-toggle machines. A variety of PLC (free programmable) controls are used in the die casting industry including Siemens, Allen Bradley Rockwell Automation, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, GE Fanuc, Schneider, Beckhoff, Panasonic, Omron, Hitachi and others. Control of the hydraulics and injection system using hydraulic proportional valves, closed loop servo valves, cartridge valves or manually adjusted valves. Several choices of shot monitoring and shot control systems are available including Visi-Trak, LMI, Tymac and others.